Experiences that inspire and connect

VivoClass is a skills-building platform for schools. We help students gain the skills and experiences needed to reach their full potential.

Experiences that...


A platform packed full of content and opportunities for students.


A profile for students to show their skills, knowledge and character.


A personalised online experience that is inspiring, rewarding and fun!


A safe network for students to tap into a world of opportunity.


Invaluable insights and analytics that help teachers understand their students.

Boost student engagement in class

Recognise and reward students for building skills, knowledge and character.

Map and track student progress and achievement with powerful insights and real time analytics.

Breathe life into learning with our world of fun, informative content. Make lessons even more inspiring.

Connect and energise the whole school

Amplify all the amazing things going on at your school. Boost engagement with students, teachers and parents.

Promote your school’s ethos, strengthen its core values and foster a greater sense of community.

Get your whole school working together towards the same goals, i.e. donating to a chosen charity.

Prepare students for life after school

Help students develop the skills, knowledge and character needed to succeed in life after school.

Engage your students in the wider world. Think sport, culture, volunteering, work experience and so much more.

Give students an online profile to showcase their achievements, for them to build upon throughout their student career and beyond.